What to do when you have a fire.

  • Members are to contact the Grocane office within 24 hours, 031-5087161 or alternatively the Field Manager - Ian Stewart 0829595346. Grocane will in turn notify the local Assessor who will then make contact with the member.
  • Information required for the Assessor:
    • Assesment of tonnage burnt
    • Farm map
    • Field history of the fields burnt. 
    • Previous season crop summary
    • Particulars of the present standing crop burnt
    • Own transport costs – field to zone, transhipment costs and zone to mill cost; or direct to mill haulage, cost per ton.

    It is imperative that all documents left by the Assessor are returned to the Grocane office as soon as possible so as to expedite prompt finalisation of claims.

  • Assistance – if the burnt tonnage is too large, growers are requested to arrange for assistance through their respective Mill Group Board.

Important – Attention is drawn to clause 74 of the Statute which reads:
“Members who may become claimants, bind themselves to mitigate their losses as far as possible by delivery of the maximum quantity of burnt cane to a mill before it becomes unmillable, and members of the co-operative other than the claimant bind themselves as far as may be practicable to render assistance in harvesting and transporting such cane.”

Grocane accepts no liability of whatsoever nature for any loss, liability,
damage or expense resulting directly or indirectly from the use of any information on this website.

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