Period of Insurance
This runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Fire Insurance

Members are covered for:

  • Damage to cane plantations due to an accidental fire;
  • Any dumping costs and/or excess costs involved in the salvage and removal of burnt cane from an accidental fire;
  • S.A.S.R.I.A. – South African Special Risks Insurance Association – cover for cane lost as a result of riotous behaviour – processed and compensated by Grocane in the normal way, but funded via S.A.S.R.I.A.
  • Public Liability – known as Spread of Fire Cover.  This covers claims arising from a fire spreading from one farm to a neighbouring farm.  Claims will be considered if boundary fire breaks conform to Grocane Standards. 
  • Compensation By-law 3(a)G – is a payment towards hidden costs incurred and paid for cane lost as a result of accidental fire.  The amount varies depending on age of cane according to a method determined by the Board.


Premiums are currently paid in arrears and deducted from the members final cane payment.

  • Cane/fire loss – Claims affect standing rebates hence two fires occurring within 48 hours of one another, will be accepted as one fire claim.
  • These rebates apply only to premiums levied on the fire insurance and do not apply to the S.A.S.R.I.A. and Public Liability (spread of fire Insurance).
  • Dumping – excess costs and the By-laws 3(a)G compensation carry no extra premium
  • S.A.S.R.I.A. – cover is subject to the premium as fixed by S.A.S.R.I.A.
  • Public Liability (crop liability) – members are covered for up to R50 Million for a spread of fire claim from a farm – per occurrence.
  • Disclaimer
    Grocane accepts no liability of whatsoever nature for any loss, liability,
    damage or expense resulting directly or indirectly from the use of any information on this website.

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