Any Sugarcane grower may apply for membership to Grocane.

Standards for acceptance of members and their continued membership

Farm boundaries
Should be wide enough and long enough to have a reasonable chance of preventing a veld fire from spreading to or from neighbouring land.
Should not cause soil erosion and;
Should be reasonably free of flammable material capable of carrying a veld fire across it.

Fire breaks - minimum requirements:
Farm boundaries – no less than 5 meters on your side of the boundary.
Public road breaks – to extend to a minimum of 3 meters outside the road reserve or again, alternative preventative precautions must be implemented.
Breaks against housing – a minimum of 18 meters between such buildings and flammable cane.

Fire Fighting Equipment - adequate equipment to deal with scale of operation as required by the Grocane Constitution


  1. Observe burning regulations as per the National Veld and Forest Act.
  2. Fire cell preparedness and method of pro-action and reaction;
  3. Constant radio calls during dry periods;
  4. Notify neighbours when absent from your farm;
  5. Notify neighbours when burning for harvesting;
  6. Regularly check all fire fighting equipment.

Grocane accepts no liability of whatsoever nature for any loss, liability,
damage or expense resulting directly or indirectly from the use of any information on this website.

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