What a year 2020 was!!!! Covid 19, high weather temperatures, high winds, and uncontrollable runaway fires. We have had it all.

During the last year we experienced the “perfect storm”. Every conceivable impediment was thrown at us, a falling stock market, Covid, unprecedented fires and despite all this, the Grocane model survived the test.

Members should understand that being a Co-Operative, premiums will fluctuate with the rising cane price as well as the quantity of claims. Our Members are expected to continue their high standards of fire control as this is the major contributor to premium increases.

We are delighted that there are mills which are currently crushing the crop, which in turn, reduces our exposure. We wish to thank our Members for their high standards of farming practices which they have maintained. It is unfortunate that the “A” group percentage is down by 5% this year and we wish those effected Members a swift return to the ”A” group.

Please note the following important dates:

• A.G.M. Thursday 22nd July 2021 at SASA Board room, Kwa-Shukela.
• Any special business for the AGM to be received by 1st April 2021.
• Nominations for election of Directors to the Grocane Board to be received by 1st May 2021.

Nomination forms are available from our offices.

If you have any comments about your Co-Op, please come to the AGM and voice your opinions.

Trusting that you have a pleasant and prosperous season.

Ian Stewart
Field Manager

082 959 5346



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